(excerpt) not just the architect...

an architecture model is not just a physical object.
just as cracked concrete along the sidewalk is not just a broken surface.

it is a sliver of opportunity for progression and growth. and by the growth of one thing is the result of another.where there is the creation of architectural form, there comes the idea(s) to justify its creation.i justify my ability to resonate with my experiences as a designer, conceptualist, and artist through thoughtful moments of interrogation of my surrounding environment.

at my early ages, as fascinated as i was with piecing things together, i was equally invested in drawing inspiration from the nature in my life. i studied form at the age 6 with lego blocks. at age 9 i had moved to markham, a suburb of toronto, there in my urban community i quickly recognized the homogeneity of tract housing. i lived there for over 10 years cultivating what became an on-going struggle to exalt the proliferation of post-modernist ideals. i adventured off to europe; spain, france and switzerland. i studied their peoples' cultures and cities.

my uncle encouraged my advances in urban planning and interior design. it was in switzerland when i asserted my first non-professional commission; an open kitchen concept for a dining hall. i returned to canada and almost immediately i was diagnosed with mild disambiguation.

for the most part i kept my mouth shut and went to study architecture at the university of toronto. the al&d (faculty of architecture,landscape and design) was considered to me as my most important ingredient towards pursuing my goal of becoming an architect. the first 2 semesters proved to be difficult, while i entered the programme with the lowest gpa score, i intrinsically announced that it took more time to get me seasoned for my challenges ahead. i had a few crowning moments at the school, one of them was my 3rd studio course in berlin, germany.

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