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Lactose + Stevenson claimed first prize in a design competition for a new ‘front door’ to the University of Technology, Sydney. Spread over 2,530 sq m, the elongated sweeping glass structure contrasts dramatically with the bold and imposing architecture of the Tower rising above. Designs for the new activated university entrance propose a light, transparent and playful space, welcoming students from the fast-paced Broadway.

The Changi Terminal 3 interior architecture applies design principles of ‘social and sensory’ elements to create a memorable airport experience, characterised by a Singaporean ‘sense of place’, reinforcing user friendliness and amenity. This design philosophy compliments the 21st century airport model that reflects the airport’s economic importance with a civic focus for the city and region.

This original competition faltered when, in 2006, doubts were cast on financing models and a lack of adequate planning. Later in the year, the project returned at full steam and with much public consultation business resumed as before. However, the fresh masterplan released by Foster and Partners on Friday bears very little resemblance to the original much more ambitious plans, perhaps supporting the initial fears that halted the project several years ago. Gone is the distinctive roof, the heavily horizontal plans now replaced with an undulating, yet chic skyline and a wide expanse of greenery graces the water’s edge.

Completing its trilogy of housing projects in Oerestad with the same client, BIG + green roof contractor Veg Tech receives the award for 8 House’s 1,700 sq m sloping green roof. The Scandinavian Green Roof Association based in Malmo, Sweden awarded the Best Green Roof in Scandinavia at an award ceremony at the 8 House in Oerestad, Copenhagen

The company plant of Umicore, south of the Antwerp agglomerate, is part of a larger industrial park. The site is considered a city in itself but lacks structural cohesion and coherence. Conix Architects were given the opportunity to structure this complex site to promote a new corporate identity. In order to integrate the plant better into its surroundings and generate an improved feeling on the whole, reconversion was considered.

In this episode, journey east continues to Minneapolis, where Archinect receive a tour of Jean Nouvel's Guthrie Theater from architects and professors Ralph Nelson and Dan Clark of LOOM studio.

There’s an exciting new hybrid solar collector that combines photovoltaic (PV) power generation with solar water heating. The idea of combining PV and solar-thermal isn’t new, but some companies have taken the idea to a new level of sophistication with their hybrid solar collector. This idea came from the *Task 35, it’s a duty from IEA (International Energy Agency) This idea contains a description and overview of the task and result from the