mobility hub

the situation
situated in the west end of Toronto - the modest
2 acre site appears
as an existing parking lot. the objective is to configure the available
parcel into a transportation hub by redefining the space as a nodal
point for vehicular and pedestrian travel

tectonic diagram - assembly and offset of a singular object to
create a larger entity

1st conceptual model - study the form and structural
entity of the design

connectivity and programming the site - the main challenge for
this site is to create linkages to the surrounding public services;
the T.T.C station located at the northwest corner, the GO transit
train stop, the adjacent landscape park, and the access from
dundas street west

clustering of human activity exist at both ends of the transit
pavilion. travelers from the T.T.C station move towards inside
the pavilion and directly to the GO-transit overpass. The adverse
path or travel also occurs

oblique render illustrating the underground pathway linking
the east and west corridor

section - multiple levels of human interaction and passage
for transportation platforms

plan view

conceptual render of the adjacent landscape park
suitable for passenger pick-up and waiting zone