Vancouver, Vancouverize, Vancouverism, Building an Idea
[Architecture Builds the City]

"Vancouverism is characterized by tall, but widely separated, slender towers interspersed with low-rise buildings, public spaces, small parks and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and facades to minimize the impact of a high density population."

-The New York Times, December 28, 2005

Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests
[in association with UToronto and LEAF]

Our 'urban forest' is more than just our ravines and remaining natural areas. It includes the trees and under storey plants growing along streets and even in your backyard! A healthy urban forest is diverse, both in species and age, and supports a wildlife population. Some parts of the urban forest are 'geriatric', with many older trees reaching the end of their life span but few young trees to replace them.